Water in Northern Uganda: The Source of Life


Perhaps it is only when you come from a first world country that you look at water differently. Its not just that we expect our water to be clean, fresh and cool but its also the expectation and norm that in any dwelling, water is no more than a 20 foot walk. Compare that to water in Northern Uganda before NUDF … Read More

Water jars in Northern Uganda


Today as I write, I am travelling across Northern B.C. The bush on the sides of the roads reminds me of my trip to Northern Uganda a few years ago with Dr Opio.  The trees were different, the highway, much rougher, the temperature – much hotter. Perhaps the biggest difference today in BC is the lack of walkers as compared … Read More

Leading the fight Against Global Poverty


B.C. Without Borders: 50 British Columbians Leading the Fight Against Global Poverty

Leading the fight against global poverty Dr. Chris Opio is one of 50 British Columbians that are listed in an ebook published today: “B.C. Without Borders: 50 British Columbians Leading the Fight Against Global Poverty“. Elaine O’Connor interviewed Dr Opio about his work with NUDF. You can download the ebook through these 3 sources: Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/BCborders Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/BCborderskobo iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/BCbordersitunes If you purchase and … Read More

Donations to NUDF


Well drilling with help of donations

Over the 2013 Christmas holiday season, NUDF received a good amount of donations from donors to begin work on drilling 4 new wells in Northern Uganda as well as assist an existing and a new family that are under the support of NUDF. This is all made possible by the well wishers who continue to give selflessly and endlessly, and through … Read More

Northern Uganda Development Foundation, NUDF 2014 AGM


NUDF 2014 AGM Dr. Chris Opio who is the President of Northern Uganda Development Foundation, will address the accomplishments of the Northern Uganda Development foundation and discuss any possible opportunities for aspiring new volunteers to the foundation at the NUDF 2014 AGM. Venue and Time The venue and time of the Northern Uganda Development Foundation, NUDF 2014 AGM will be as follows: Date: February … Read More

Northern Uganda experience with Dave Fuller


In 2011 Dave Fuller, owner of Ave Maria, visited Northern Uganda with NUDF. He saw many things that affected him deeply and he wrote about his Northern Uganda experience: “One day, while travelling to see a village where NUDF was going to put a well, we drove through some thick bush and down a one track mud trail to a … Read More

Food in Northern Uganda – Fried grasshoppers


It’s Christmastime and I can’t help but think, with all of the food around me, about the time I spent in Africa. I was in Uganda for 10 days in 2012 (and Kenya for 5.5 months). The food there, and the way of eating in general, is much different from here. I have a couple of four-year-old nieces and one … Read More

Fast Internet for Kampala Thanks To Google


Project Link ::: Fast Internet for Kampala Google announced that they will be adding a high speed fiber optic network to the city of Kampala. The initiative is called Project Link, and it will allow local internet providers to connect more people in Kampala to the internet. Kampala is one of the first cities to have Google’s fiber-optic network installed, … Read More

4th Annual NUDF Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction


Putting a smile on the face of the less fortunate

The Northern Ugandan Development Foundation is having their 4th Annual NUDF Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction. It will be a lot of fun where they will serve the authentic African dinner and a silent auction  The purpose of our dinner is to raise funds to build fresh water wells and improve the standard of living of the rural people in Northern Uganda. … Read More