Bears in North America vs Parasites in Uganda


Perhaps the most dangerous animal that we have in North America is a bear where in Uganda it is a parasite.  Occasionally a bear will maul someone who is unlucky enough to stray into their feeding area or near their cubs.  These maulings are quite rare and nothing like the danger found in Africa. Northern Uganda doesn’t have bears but it does have waterbuffalo , rhino’s  and perhaps even more dangerous are the parasites that are lurking in the dirty drinking water.  Not only do these parasites attack the intestinal system causing distress, upset stomach as well as diarrhea but also they steal valuable nutrients meant nourish the body.  The parasites also cause vision problems, lumps and a general feeling of unwellness.  Parasites can steal the energy needed for work and play, making life difficult by generally deactivating the immune system of the victim.

There are different types of parasites found in the dirty drinking water and everyday a lot of people suffer from drinking the dirty water. Northern Uganda n villagers have been victims of illnesses from the dirty drinking water and since NUDF began helping, there has been significant decrease in the number of people affected and suffering from dirty water.

NUDF drills wells in villages in order to give them access to clean drinking water that is void of parasites. By providing them with clean water, we help increase the overall health of the entire village which allows more children to go to school and adults to be able to continue working.

Can you help us make a difference in the lives of many people by helping them have access to clean water?