In July and August of 2018, the NUDF team visited Northern Uganda to install seven new community wells, educate school children on hygiene, and repair the roof of the Gambin Elementary School

Three trained well technicians and NUDF Chairperson, Dr. Chris Opio, monitor the drilling of a new borehole.  Local knowledge is used to first select a well location,  the district hydrologist confirms available water at the site, the borehole is drilled, the well is installed, and the local NUDF staff works with the community to develop local expertise in well operation and maintenance. 
Students from Gambin primary school with the NUDF team: Andrea, Clayton, Therese, Chris, Kim, Tina, Jack, and Alan. The school has 1900 students. The photo was taken in front of the girl’s quarters, which lost part of the roof in a storm. Students in Uganda are very grateful to be able to attend school and study hard to get an education so they improve their lives. While school is free, families must pay fees for uniforms, exam fees etc. 
A closer look at damage to the school roof on Block 1. 
The old roof on Block 2. 
Andrea educates about sanitary practices through song and dance as the new  school roof is constructed in the background. 
The new roof on Block 1!
The new roof on Block 2!
The NUDF team passes on new school supplies sponsored by Sacred Heart Elementary School in Prince George.
Jack accepts the gift of a rooster on behalf of NUDF for their work at the school. 
NUDF Chair, Chris Opio, Andrea and Kim participate in a traditional jumping dance as the school children sing. Every Ugandan celebration involves dancing!