Clean water from NUDF


I rolled out of bed this morning bright and early , shuffling into the bathroom, I turned the tap on and was greeted by a rush of cool, clear water to wash my face.  After flushing the toilet , I  went downstairs to get a drink of water before heading out of the house for some exercise.   Comparing this to my time in Africa, I can honestly say that the luxuries of our first world home in Northern BC are definitely more posh than the outhouses that I was used to in Northern Uganda.  Washing was done with a cloth and a bucket, the toilet a hole in the floor. Running water? Literally you would have to run half a kilometer to get it and then you would be slower dragging the 50lb jar back to the house.  But hey, that water was clean water from NUDF! They installed wells that supplied clean water to the villagers.  I am grateful for the luxury of running water but I can say for certain that the people in the villages in Northern Uganda where you helped put in a well are grateful to be drinking clean, clear water even if they do have to haul it back to their house in a jar!