Are you looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity?

An opportunity with challenge and responsibility?

An opportunity to work with a small, effective team having a BIG impact?


NUDF is a passionate, volunteer-driven charity, founded in 2007.  We have already accomplished a lot – we’ve built safe drinking water wells serving over 100,000 rural villagers in Uganda and trained them to maintain the wells in our first four years, but we have big goals and bigger dreams!

Would you like to work with a small team of passionate people?  Do you share our passion for the work we are doing to deliver life-changing help to the rural villagers of Northern Uganda – help designed to strengthen their abilities to build better futures?  If this sounds right for you, then please check out our latest volunteer opportunities!

Communications Coordinator

This is a new senior volunteer position,  essential to our long term growth. The Communications Coordinator provides the information flow that keeps all of us up to date and connects everyone involved in our Foundation: Donors, Volunteers, Project Managers, our Executive, and everyone else!

Other opportunities

Would you like to explore other volunteer opportunities?  Maybe you would like to help with a local fundraising project or have a fundraising project idea of your own? Do you have a skill or idea that you think might fit in with our mission and our challenges?  Get in touch with us-

Sponsor a Project

The average cost to sponsor a well or buy goats are listed below. If you don’t have the entire amount to sponsor a project at one time, based on your request we will save the money and allow you to accumulate the funds until there is enough to sponsor one of the listed projects. We encourage you to work with your co-workers, school, extended family, local church, friends and neighbours or organize a community fund-raising drive to help reach one of the following sponsorship levels:

If you are sponsoring a well, you have the option to name the well. Perhaps you would like to name it in loving memory of someone special in your life.

$2500 – This is the cost of a well. This will serve a community of up to 2800 people.
$100 – This will buy 3 goats – Goats are used mainly for meat and a source of income through the breeding and sale of them.
$100 – This will buy 3 beehives. Each hive produces an estimated $70 worth of honey per year.

Raise Funds

Below are some ideas on how you can make a difference and raise funds for projects in Northern Uganda. We would also be happy to discuss ideas with you further. Please contact

Honor the Memory of Someone You Love
Collect money for someone you love and make a donation to Northern Uganda Development Foundation & sponsor a well. To sponsor a well it costs $2500. Then name the well in loving memory of someone you love.

Church & Youth Groups
If your church or youth group is looking for a service project, Northern Uganda Development Foundation can have someone speak to your group and help facilitate fund raising efforts.

If your school or class is looking for a service project that would like to get involved, please contact us and we would be happy to facilitate your fund raising efforts. Build a well and name it after your school, class or group.

Family & Friends
One of the most successful ways to raise money is through your family and friends.

Celebrate a Special Occasion
Raise money through Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings and Births. Ask people to put money towards sponsoring a project for Northern Uganda Development Foundation.

  • Hold a Sporting Event
  • Runs & Marathons
  • Bike Rides
  • Swimming
  • Triathlons

Be Creative
Shave your head, grow a beard, give up smoking, etc

Spread the Word
Email friends, family, colleagues. Introduce NUDF through face book and adding links to our web site.

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