Creating Meaning

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Dr Opio is now in the company of other environmental giants such as Lindsay Williams and Dr. David Suzuki by having the NUDF story and his biography featured along side the others in a textbook called Creating Meaning Advanced: Reading and Writing for the Canadian Classroom. Just as it says in the link, The book is intended for advanced learners who … Read More

Effective drinking water management policies in Rural Africa

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Building Effective Drinking Water Management Policies in Rural Africa: Lessons from Northern Uganda by Christopher Opio Key Points National governments should develop strong rural drinking water quality monitoring and surveillance programs to ensure that uncontaminated water is available in rural Sub-Saharan African communities. Governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) need to educate well users on proper transportation and storage of water … Read More

Latest Research in Northern Uganda

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Chris Opio`s research on “Contamination of drinking water sources and associated health concerns in Northern Uganda.“ This Latest research in Northern Uganda project involved sampling water from NUDF wells, open sources, and that stored in peoples`homes in rural Northern Uganda. These water samples were taken to a central laboratory in Kampala (capital city of Uganda) for analyses. Conclusions from the … Read More

3rd Annual African Dinner and Silent Auction

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THANK YOU to everyone that has attended, made contributions and participated in our 3rd Annual African Dinner and Silent Auction.  The event was a HUGE SUCCESS, and we are very greatful! The 2012 3rd Annual African Dinner and Silent Auction was a great success and NUDF is very grateful to everyone who came  and contributed to the development of Northern Uganda.We were able … Read More

Dr. Opio receives Academic of the Year Award

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2012 Academic of the year Award “I’m honoured and deeply grateful to be receiving this award from CUFA BC. My work is very special to me because I believe I’m giving hope, not only to the people in Uganda, but people around the world. I also talk to youth and communities in Prince George about water management in Uganda and … Read More