Water in Northern Uganda: The Source of Life


Perhaps it is only when you come from a first world country that you look at water differently. Its not just that we expect our water to be clean, fresh and cool but its also the expectation and norm that in any dwelling, water is no more than a 20 foot walk. Compare that to water in Northern Uganda before NUDF installed wells. The warm water, covered at times with algae but more often loaded with  parasites, came from sources that you might have to walk 2 or 3 kilometers to get your daily dose.   It is also very common be sharing that source of water with a few hundred other people and dozens of  animals, making the water at the source so dirty and insecure for human use and consumption.  When you or your group make the decision to drill a well in an African village, that decision changes the lives of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people.  The next time you drink a cool clear glass of clean cold water… think twice! Once a thought of appreciation for what you have and secondly for those that don’t have what you do!. That said and done, Water in Northern Uganda is considered as the source of life by many. It is the one precious thing that nobody can live without although many under estimate that especially those who have it at their disposal.