Fast Internet for Kampala Thanks To Google


Project Link ::: Fast Internet for Kampala

Google announced that they will be adding a high speed fiber optic network to the city of Kampala. The initiative is called Project Link, and it will allow local internet providers to connect more people in Kampala to the internet. Kampala is one of the first cities to have Google’s fiber-optic network installed, so we’re very excited to see this development and the implications it involves.

The Struggles of Slow Internet in Kampala

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Now, those problems are a lot more like “first world” problems in comparison to the struggles that the people of Northern Uganda are facing. The village of Kamdini has just recently had power lines put in to the main part of the village. The power lines were run into the village when we visited Kamdini in 2012, and even now are not enabled with power.

Power Lines installed but not live yet in Kamdini

Summer of 2012, we visited Kamdini and got to see all the fresh wire run through the village. The wires were run, but not connected to power yet. As of November 22nd, 2013 the power has still not been connected.

Having constant electricity will be a great help to the village of Kamdini as well as many other villages in the surrounding area where we are drilling shallow fresh water wells.

Google has another initiative called Project Loon that uses high altitude balloons to connect rural areas to the internet. Here is a video that explains how Project Loon works:

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Great Opportunities for the Future

Project Link coupled with Project Loon will be an amazing development for the people of Northern Uganda. It will allow the rural schools to have access to the same high speed internet that the people of Kampala will get to enjoy. This is a very great opportunity for students to learn and have access to the same information and education that the rest of the world enjoys. We look forward to seeing it come to fruition!

Planning for the Future

NUDF has been helping schools in Northern Uganda since we started, and we’ll be sure to have support and equipment ready for the schools when power and internet becomes available for them. If you have connections with the technology industry, or the shipping industry please contact us so we can plan for the future and get some computers to the schools!


High speed internet is still something that will only be available in Kampala at first. It will take a LOT longer to be available in rural Uganda. We’re excited about the developments that Google is implementing, but there is still an immediate need for clean water in many of the villages in Northern Uganda. Please help us fulfill the immediate need for clean water by donating to NUDF.