Vitamins or clean water


I took some vitamins donated by Canadian Vitamin manufacturers like Natural Factors and Flora to Northern Uganda to give out. Most of these went to the local hospital run by volunteers, however,
I saved some to give out in the village only to find out first hand what the issues were that people were suffering from.  Word spread that free “medicines” were being given out and quickly there was a lineup for medical treatment.  Not being a doctor,  while I can’t prescribe or diagnose, it quickly became apparent that many of the people who were feeling ill were undernourished,  had lumps in strange
places, stomach problems and headaches…. the effects of parasites.  This I assumed was from drinking in many cases water shared with livestock, rodents and wild animals.  So what would be the solution? vitamins or clean water for the villagers? Dr Opio was quick in assuring me that dirty water was in fact the case.  No Vitamin that I had could fix that problem. Water in northern Uganda is often coming from open water sources that looked more like a puddle than a well.  The incredible transformation in the health in areas where NUDF is putting its wells is incredible. Clean well water is simply alleviating these illnesses! Perhaps you can help make a difference where Vitamins can’t!