water security – NUDF


Due to development, cities and industries will definitely demand more water thus the need for water security.As years go by, 2 thirds of the population could start living in water stressed areas. Use of water wisely is very important and crucial or human will find themselves in problems. The most important things that we embrace are also the same things that contribute to water scarcity like; population growth, urbanization and development pressure.

In addition to water security – NUDF is also emphasizing on food security and tree planting as a way of environment conservation. Some of the trees that the organization grows are pine trees. Water security is closely linked to food security and there is no way of conserving water without conserving food. This is why NUDF also focuses on teaching good agricultural practices to the villagers. In addition to building wells, The organization is also planting vegetables and using their farm as demos to farmers on how to carry out agricultural practices in a ┬ábeneficial manner. All the food grown in these farms are consumed locally and some may even sell their produce in the market and have a source of income.

The lives of many villagers has been improved in many different ways and just as the availability of water is made to more people, so is the knowledge still being passed over from village to village.