Ugandan African Music

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On our trip to Uganda with Dr Opio,  Tony Donovan and I had the opportunity to record the Ugandan African music from the local choir as a fundraiser for their church to help install a roof.  As I listened to the music, I was struck not only with the beauty and complexity of the local instruments playing in unison with the singers voices, but also of the remoteness of the place, surrounded by the wilderness of Northern Uganda.  Who had taught these people to sing and dance like this?  Who had shown them how to build such harmonious instruments?  How could they be so happy amist such poverty ?  As Westerners we complain if we don’t have clothes filling our dressers and closets. We cry if we miss a meal. If we don’t get to take a summer vacation we feel cheated! Yet here were people singing and dancing as if nothing else mattered and yet their clothes were torn, they had no shoes, and there was a shortage of clean drinking water…not to mention employment.  The African music is filled with happiness because these people live in a community where they care about each other, more than they care about what they don’t have (material possessions), perhaps we can learn from that.

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