3rd Annual African Dinner and Silent Auction

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THANK YOU to everyone that has attended, made contributions and participated in our 3rd Annual African Dinner and Silent Auction.  The event was a HUGE SUCCESS, and we are very greatful!

The 2012 3rd Annual African Dinner and Silent Auction was a great success and NUDF is very grateful to everyone who came  and contributed to the development of Northern Uganda.We were able to collect a good amount and with that a lot of lives will be improved in Northern Uganda.. The villagers there do not need much or any luxury but just clean water to make their lives better and more secure. That is something that most of us disregard especially if we are used to getting it but may come as a luxury to the villagers of Northern Uganda.

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

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  Dinner * Entertainment * Silent Auction * Music


Tickets Only$30.00  


 AUTHENTIC African Dinner

 Coffee and Tea

 NUDF – Fundraising poster

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