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Due to development, cities and industries will definitely demand more water thus the need for water security.As years go by, 2 thirds of the population could start living in water stressed areas. Use of water wisely is very important and crucial or human will find themselves in problems. The most important things that we embrace are also the same things … Read More

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From the laws of demand and supply, when the demand for water exceeds the available resources of water, we will start to suffer from water scarcity. Water scarcity is fast becoming a serious issue all over the world Water may be needed in agriculture, domestic use, commercial use or even environmental use. A lot of people take the availability of water … Read More

Water, the Source of Life

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Completed well - Northern Uganda

There is one substance in the world which is essential for life: this is water. The earth is the only planet covered in liquid water and exists in three forms, either as a liquid, as a solid or in gaseous form. Statistically, 70% of the planet earth is covered in water, 68% of human body is made of water, and 55% … Read More

Ugandan African Music


On our trip to Uganda with Dr Opio,  Tony Donovan and I had the opportunity to record the Ugandan African music from the local choir as a fundraiser for their church to help install a roof.  As I listened to the music, I was struck not only with the beauty and complexity of the local instruments playing in unison with … Read More

Vitamins or clean water


I took some vitamins donated by Canadian Vitamin manufacturers like Natural Factors and Flora to Northern Uganda to give out. Most of these went to the local hospital run by volunteers, however, I saved some to give out in the village only to find out first hand what the issues were that people were suffering from.  Word spread that free … Read More

Clean water from NUDF


I rolled out of bed this morning bright and early , shuffling into the bathroom, I turned the tap on and was greeted by a rush of cool, clear water to wash my face.  After flushing the toilet , I  went downstairs to get a drink of water before heading out of the house for some exercise.   Comparing this to … Read More

Goats from NUDF


One time, when I was about 12, my family had a hobby farm in Northern BC.  One day my parents bought a new goat for the farm.  Rusty was a yellow goat of fine breeding and a good milker. She had a set of horns that were curved and polished.  She probably weighed about 100 lbs and Rusty had an … Read More

Bears in North America vs Parasites in Uganda


Perhaps the most dangerous animal that we have in North America is a bear where in Uganda it is a parasite.  Occasionally a bear will maul someone who is unlucky enough to stray into their feeding area or near their cubs.  These maulings are quite rare and nothing like the danger found in Africa. Northern Uganda doesn’t have bears but … Read More

Water in Northern Uganda: The Source of Life


Perhaps it is only when you come from a first world country that you look at water differently. Its not just that we expect our water to be clean, fresh and cool but its also the expectation and norm that in any dwelling, water is no more than a 20 foot walk. Compare that to water in Northern Uganda before NUDF … Read More