water – source of life

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Completed well - Northern Uganda

From time immemorial, there is one substance which is essential for the source and existence of life and all life on earth depends on it. This substance is water. The earth is the only planet covered in liquid water. Water – source of life, is believed to have been in existence from long ago sustaining life since over billions of years ago. Water may appear in three forms, either as a liquid, as a solid or in gaseous form and all these different forms beautify the earth in different ways. Statistically, 70% of the planet earth is covered in water, 68% of human body is made of water while 55% of the blood in human body is made of water. Human beings basically need at least 2 liters of drinking water everyday.

NUDF is working towards providing safe water to villagers in Rural Northern Uganda and since water is a source of life to all, it has really helped change the way of life for the villagers. Being a charity organization, NUDF works hand in hand with villagers and volunteers to help and support the needy in the villages through its donations by well wishers as it is a NON profit organization. The results and the efforts put across by the organization have been seen far and wide in Northern Uganda where there are new bore holes and wells that provide clean water to the villagers and as a result more lives have been saved and nutrition improved thanks to NUDF.

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