Below is the mailing contact of Northern Uganda Development Foundation in Prince George , Canada. You can also reach different specific people via their email addresses listed alongside their names:

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 21096
Spruceland R.P.O.
Prince George, BC
Canada, V2M 7A5

Please send us your feedback or questions. You will find our contacts listed below.

For General Enquires – Email Dr. Chris Opio at

To Sponsor a Project – Email Dr. Chris Opio at

For information on project in Northern Uganda – Email Dr. Chris Opio at

For Donation and Receipting Questions – Email Dave Nielson at

For information about Fund Raising -Email Dr. Chris Opio at

To have someone speak at your event – Email Dr. Chris Opio at

Interested in volunteer or getting involved – Email Dr. Chris Opio at

For our Northern Uganda Contact – Email Geoffrey Odongo at

4 Comments on “Contact”

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  2. Greetings. My wife and I have reserved tickets (thanks to you, Ted!) to the May 31 fundraising banquet, but know of others who are interested in attending. How much are the tickets, and how do people obtain them?


    1. Hi Jack, Sorry for the late reply….our web developer had a baby and has been late to respond! You can obtain your tickets from Ave Maria or Books and Company and they are $40 each. Hope to see you and many others at the event this Saturday!

  3. I’m so pleased to find out about NUDF from the CBC article about Chris’ Moringa Tree research – what a wonderful thing! Then I immediately found myself wondering if there’s some way you could make use of the Kiva microlending platform, which I’ve been involved with for a few years. Kiva lenders make many loans in Uganda, including some for water projects, especially for schools.

    Not that it doesn’t look as though Chris is awfully busy already…

    …margaret delgatty

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