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 Jeanne volunteers in Northern Uganda Africa providing safe drinking water to those in need

Jeanne Menge

Jeanne earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and works as an Outreach Nurse serving the marginalized people of Prince George as well as nursing at the PG Youth Custody Service. She is a single mom graced with 2 children, a daughter, 18 and a son 16. Her passion lies in the human experience, advocacy and actively engaging in the belief that everyone is connected and has the responsibility to help one another. Traveling to Africa and doing humanitarian work is a life-long dream and the Uganda trip in 2010 was life-changing. It had even further fueled her passion to commit to serving humanity locally and internationally. Working with NUDF matched her values of creating autonomy, self-reliance, empowerment, strengthening community unity and ownership. She was given the African Name “Akello” (one who brings) by the people of Northern Uganda.

Camille  volunteers in Northern Uganda Africa providing safe drinking water to those in need

Camille Matthews

NUDF Marketing and Communications Volunteer

Camille currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta and is a UNBC Alumni and former UNBC Employee.  After attending an information session on NUDF Camille decided to put her Bachelor or Commerce Degree in General Business and Marketing to good use with NUDF.  She began to facelift the current brochures, posters and information packages, contacted local newspapers on current NUDF successes, and participated in the planning and organization of the first annual NUDF Wishing Well Auction & Dinner.  She hopes to one day travel to Uganda with NUDF and meet the wonderful people of Northern Uganda and all the work that has been done by the organization.

Mary Haddock  volunteers in Northern Uganda Africa providing safe drinking water to those in need

Mary Haddock

Mary earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at the University of Calgary. Through the University of Calgary, she had the opportunity to study in Colima, Mexico. During this trip, she volunteered in San Louis Potosi, at a youth summer camp for underprivileged children. Later she attended the University of British Columbia, where she earned her Bachelor of Education degree. She currently teaches Grade Six at I.C. School in Prince George. She attended an information night about NUDF which inspired her to become a member. She is looking forward to going to northern Uganda with NUDF in July 2011. She has spearheaded fund raising efforts at her school, for Kamdini Primary School in northern Uganda, where she plans to volunteer. She is happy to be a part of NUDF and to learn about the rich culture of northern Uganda.

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